communication and performance coaching


How to have those conversations you would rather avoid

This course presents a highly-effective 4-step technique that you can take away to help you deal with any difficult, challenging or potentially-heated conversation.  

Redundancy; poor performance; disciplinary issues; enforced change; review and reward discussions; angry customers… We all face conversations in both our business and personal lives we would rather not have but know we cannot avoid.

This course will show you how to tackle these situations promptly, effectively and with integrity; enabling everyone involved to deal with the situation and move forwards.

We explain and demonstrate the techniques and skills used by leading barristers, actors, business leaders, negotiators and arbitrators to deal successfully with challenging, emotionally-charged situations.

This course is supported by an actor specialising in situational training simulations.  Participants experience realistic difficult situations and are coached through the model.  

As well as demonstrating real-life examples and situations where the 4-step technique can be applied, we offer a bespoke element allowing you to shape the workshop that will work best for you and your teams and the situations you face.  We draw from our library of highly charged situations where a 'difficult conversation' is required.  These include: 

  • Over-servicing: resetting a client’s expectations for servicing within a contract’s scope;
  • Negative feedback: a star employee has areas to work on and we look at handing this;
  • Pay rise or promotion expectations are not met;
  • Pricing increase discussions with a client;
  • Redundancy discussion: with an angry and upset employee who may be litigious
  • Unethical suggestions from an important client.

Difficult Conversations