communication and performance coaching


Why get persuasive?

The ability to present an idea in a compelling and persuasive way can transform your business.  It is the most important ingredient in a successful pitch. 

Persuasive communication is a science as well as an art. To be a brilliant and successful communicator means preparing and structuring your presentations for the best chance of success. 

A great presentation will have a clear vision and goal. Its arguments will be razor-sharp, articulate and powerful. Most importantly your audience will feel as though the presentation is relevant for them as individuals. It will address the specific needs and pain points of your audience, and gain their trust. It will leave them wanting to be part of your vision. 

It will sell your idea. 

What we cover

  • How persuasion works
  • Why most presentations are not successful
  • The difference between entertainment and persuasion
  • How to be relevant to your audience
  • How to identify objectives from a speaking opportunity
  • How to tailor your messages for the audience
  • How to structure any presentation for results
  • Content to include. Content to omit. 
  • How to optimise visual aids
  • Closing with impact
  • Confidence and on-stage presence
  • Poise
  • Staying on message and dealing with questions
  • Dealing with nerves
  • Near-live practice
  • Practical take-away techniques and processes

Persuasive Presentations

Create tangile business results from one-to-many communication