communication and performance coaching


I’ve become more efficient at managing my time and being aware of which tasks I undertake when my energy levels are at their highest.

The impact? I get my work finished quicker and get less distracted.

Who should do this course? Everyone!!!

Agency MD, London

Rachel mentored me during a crucial stage in my career.  I found her to be an excellent mentor, with a calm and experienced manner which put me at ease.  Her advice was always pragmatic and commercial, but delivered in a sensitive and supportive way.  I also greatly appreciated her practical approach, which meant I left the sessions feeling clear in my mind about what actions I could take and empowered to take these.

Senior lawyer, London

Rachel ran a series of workshops for the team that I manage.  As facilitator of the workshops, she enabled us to identify the personality types in the team and identify how we could leverage them - this has enabled me identify who in the team to deploy on both internal and external projects, resolve internal conflicts and achieve our shared goals including as to revenue and profit growth.  The process was at times challenging, as it required intellectual honesty amongst the team, but ultimately hugely beneficial.  For anyone who manages a team of lawyers, I would thoroughly recommend engaging Rachel.

Senior law firm partner, London

Rachel worked with us to help develop a clear strategy for the team.  She is extremely insightful and quickly gained the trust and respect of all team members.  Rachel’s advice was incredibly helpful in bringing us together and enabling us to work more effectively.

Senior law firm partner, London

I have been enormously impressed with Rachel; her approach was novel and interesting, kept all participants engaged and really got to the root of all the issues that we were discussing. Excellent!

Senior law firm partner, London

Time and attention management workshop

I thought it was a great balance of theory (really, really interesting!) and practical advice

Content Specialist, London

Rachel has been extremely influential in my career progression. From the outset, she invested time to understand me as an individual, so that she could provide a service that was specific and relevant to my objectives.  Rachel helped me to identify meaningful short-term and long-term goals by encouraging me to focus on my key drivers and ambitions. I found it particularly valuable being able to drawdown on her experience as an equity partner in a leading law firm. This allowed me to talk freely with her about the expectations of partnership. It also encouraged me to think ‘outside the box’ and to realise that it is possible to carve out a partnership role that ticks all my boxes. It was great to have a mentor who was so invested, passionate and enthusiastic and I am very grateful for her help.

Senior lawyer, London

Rachel's training sessions (which covered networking, presentation skills and difficult conversations) were extremely engaging and well structured. I felt Rachel genuinely understood her audience and I loved the fact that Rachel provided practical guidance as well as useful exercises to try after the sessions. I strongly recommend her training sessions.

Senior private practice lawyer, London


Outcomes? Learning how to reprogramme my brain to make me work more productively, break bad habits, and help me control time, rather than time controlling me.

Communications Specialist, London