communication and performance coaching


A great presentation will have a clear vision and goal.  Its arguments will be razor-sharp, articulate and powerful.  Your audience will feel as though the presentation is relevant for each of them. It will address the specific needs and pain points of your audience, and gain their trust. It will leave them wanting to be part of your vision.  It will sell your idea. 

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Persuasive communication is a science as well as an art.  To be a brilliant and successful communicator means preparing and structuring your presentations for the best chance of success. 

WTS Development offers the Persuasive Presentations training programme to help you develop pitches, speeches and presentations that are compelling and powerful. 

“The tools from [WTS Development] have been a a trump card in taking me forward in my career”

Peter Cook, CEO, Security Association for the Maritime Industry

The [WTS Development] workshop helped me see different ways of negotiation and how they can help our business and skills I can carry with me for years"

Kerry, Account Manager


  • Presentation training for senior leadership team

  • Presentation training for account managers and client facing teams

  • Difficult conversations: resolving conflict and dealing with difficult people and situations

  • Managing client relationships so they are positive, engaging and profitable

  • ​Negotiation: sharing the lawyer's tips on getting to win-win

Coaching and courses

Rachel Boothroyd, WTS founder 

Rachel is a communications and performance coach with a background in law, business and science. This unusual combination gives her a unique perspective on how to combine a hard commercial understanding of business with the neuroscience of stress, performance, persuasion and the art of great communication.

The ability to present an idea in a compelling and persuasive way can transform your business.  It is the most important ingredient in a successful pitch.